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Steps To Make Up As A Professional+Are Professional Athletes Overpaid

Make up the face does not mean turning it into a mask, what is sought is to highlight the positive points and make less unfavorable. Just like beauty routines, make-up reflects the sensitivity and taste with which the person is concerned with their aesthetic appearance, so it is important to keep in mind that feeling well presented can raise your self-esteem and project a better image towards the rest. Today we tell you the steps to make up yourself as a professional

Basic Criteria for Makeup

To find the right cosmetics, the most important thing before making any decision is to take into account the type of skin you have, analyzing which are the points that you want to highlight or minimize. It is advisable to examine your face well in a place with good lighting, avoiding white light as it subtracts shades to the face, analyze the texture of your complexion and discover how to take advantage of her face.makeup

Never overdo the use of make-up, if you do not want your face to look artificial and resemble a mask. Always work according to the time of day or night and the type of activity to which you are going to devote.

Her face is the first impression so this should not concentrate your makeup task alone on the eyes; Her mouth, cheeks, nose, and chin; As these must complement each other to create a uniform image.

Preparation of the skin

Before starting the makeup you must do a good facial cleaning. It is essential to use toners to close the pores after removing the cleaner.

It is important that you have a skin without acne, clean without impurities, with sale click here, you will know the 5 best masks for acne

The pre-base: powders or colored bases that function as a pre-base, correct and conceal defects such as opaque complexion and other irregularities of the skin. They come in five main tones: mauve, blue, coral green and yellow. Which can be used depending on skin type or corrective need. For example:

The mauve colors can be used if your skin is clear and needs to highlight some key points or cover the yellowish tones of the complexion.

The blue shades are recommended for women with brown hair and white skin because they help to diminish the broken capillaries that are appreciated through the epidermis.

Coral tones or salmon are ideal for dark skinned people who lack uniformity in the middle layer of skin that is the dermis. This will give you a healthy appearance.

If you have too dry complexion, you can replace colored powders with liquid pre-bases, which are applied before the make-up and thanks to their light consistency they easily fade and help to fix the cosmetics.

  • The base: the base is an essential element to give uniformity to the skin and match the tone of the face. If the skin is reddish it should be chosen a base of a neutral or beige tone without any pink or coral hue.

If it is yellowish, the color should be slightly pink; And if it is yellow of greenish type, all this range of coral will give more life to its natural tone. As for the finish that must be given to the corresponding face, a thin base if you have a clear complexion, without spots or pimples. But if you try to cover imperfections try a thicker to give uniformity to both the surface and the color.

Before using it you need to apply a light neutralizer or tonic before the base, in order to establish the tone of your complexion. Cover the face with the base, lightly applying the color it creates that suits you better, then spread it and examine the color of your skin in the light; This should be observed totally smooth and with natural and uniform appearance.

Use our best homemade exfoliating face masks, they are very easy and cheap.

  • Clear bases: they are used to give light to the face, to emphasize the positive points and to disguise the negative ones, and to hide the first signs of aging. It should be applied around the eye area, which is usually the area where the bags or the first wrinkles tend to appear. Be careful not to apply in the areas near the lower lashes because on contact with the light your face will have an inflamed appearance. You can also place a clear base on the area between the side of the bridge of the nose and the lower corner of the eye. To give vitality to your face, apply a little foundation in the area where the eyebrows end and the birth of hair begins.
  • Dark bases: dark bases serve more than anything to hide the protuberances that challenge beauty to your face. You should apply this type of bases apply under the cheekbones from the center of each cheek towards the hairline.


A base for the normal and dry skin.

The ideal base for normal skin is one that contains emollient ingredients that prevent loss of moisture and freshness. Young women with normal skin can also afford to apply water bases, oils or gel.

Do a homemade cleaning for your face, the results are incredible

A base for an oily or mixed skin.

If you have this type of skin I recommend you first use a liquid moisturizing base, which controls the excess fat; Matte tone for example; Contain a kind of talcum that neutralize the oil of the skin, in addition a great amount of water and a texture that helps to cover the imperfections of the face.

Identification of the face

Classes of faces:

Oval: the oval face is the perfect face and you can tell if you take some measurements of it. Measure from the birth of the hair to below the eyebrow and the eyebrow taking the measurement from the side of the nose to under the nose and from there to the chin; The measures must be the same.

  • Square: in the square face you can oval the face with a brush and apply a dark color with a broad brush, in the part of the jaw that protrudes. A darker tone base is used to narrow the shape of the face. Usually, on this face, the neck is wide, so thick and dark vertical lines should be applied to the sides to straighten them.

  • Round: the round face is oval by applying two vertical lines to the dark sides the base is used darker to thin the face.

Triangular and drop: these two types of the face are oval by makeup on the forehead two vertical lines of dark tone to be angled. The base should be clearer than the skin tone. In the neck that is usually long, it should be applied to the sides of this light color to widen it.

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If you consider it necessary to thin the jaw extends the dark blush along this and if you want to decrease the girls apply the dark blush along it and neck down.

  • To shorten a wider front, extend the dark blush from the center of the hairline down and to both sides forming a v in the center of the forehead.
  • If the nose is what needs help, give it a less prominent appearance by bringing the brush down on either side of it and apply clear base between the two lines. To shorten it, spread a little dark blush over the tip and blunt it carefully.

The Best Tips On Makeup For Round Face And Gill.

A good Makeup For Round Face will work wonders on those faces that require it since makeup is the best tool that we have to correct our profile, reduce areas very bulkily, expand the parts that we want to highlight, or lengthen some area of our face. In the end, with the makeup, we can mold our face to take advantage of all our virtues and hide what we do not like. In this post we teach you specifically how to make women with a round face and with a double chin, to look thinner and beautiful, with simple tricks that will facilitate the task. The first thing you’ll have to do before you begin Will determine the type of face you have through the observation of your facial features and profile. If you think that your face is round, then you will have here the best tips and tips to achieve a make-up for a circular face.

If you have a face with rounded features, or with rather fat cheeks, you will probably want to lengthen and sharpen your contours a bit, thus stylizing your image. The round face makeup will help you get a little stretch your features, just following some tricks that we bring you and you can easily apply with the right instruments. Follow our advice and beauty secrets to show a perfect face and full of life!

Before starting to apply makeup, it is always recommended to clean your face thoroughly with some cleansing cream and close the pores by sealing them with a facial tonic that goes with your skin type.

Start with the bases:

Apply the bases of color more dark than your skin color 3 times , to the sides of your face, and in the areas that you most want to tune, including the base of the cheekbone from the temple to the middle of the cheek. If you have jowls or chub under your chin, you should also shade that area to hide its presence, extending the base to the neck to hide and not notice the difference in color between your face and the rest of the body . That is very important to take into account, since we do not want to seem something strange.

Learn how to remove jowls Here: Special Anti-Aging Exercises to Remove Gut

The illuminator should be applied both under the eyes making a triangle between your nose and your temples, as in the center of the forehead, down the center of the nose until you reach the tip. Look at the image how to apply the make-up for round face and copy the steps.

The Blush or Blush:

In make-up for round faces , the blush should be applied just below the cheeks and not over them, that is, in the lower area where you grow when you smile. You can not put blush on the “manznitas” , but underneath them! With this you will make a visual cut of your face and you will fine tune your features.

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With respect to the color tones that best fit the round faces, we will tell you to prefer preferably brown, brown and copper, as they perfectly dissimulate the exeso of cheeks and give neutrality to your features.

Make-Up-For-Face-Round-2If you have very white skin , try with the same line, but with lighter tones so that the makeup tricks are not visible. Use them also as shadows for a better finish on your face.

Always try to have three base tones to play with the “molding” of your face, so you do not notice that you have makeup or your face is recharged.

Remember to diffuse the base very well with a sponge or a suitable brush.

The lips:

In Make-Up For Round Face, the lips play a very important role, since the idea is to draw attention to the lips and that the roundings of the face dissolve in the visual field. Therefore we recommend strong colors such as red, pink in different shades, preferably as fuchsia , and bright copper.

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How To Rejuvenate Your Face Using Facial Therapies With Ice.

Our skin is exposed to various damages every day, especially the skin of our face, which is usually the most affected by UV rays, environmental pollution among other factors that drastically accelerate the aging of our face, which Sadly we do not usually pay her the attention she deserves, so we let her pass until the signs of aging are so alarming that we get scared and we do not have to do about it, because we see ourselves emaciated, tired, wrinkled and aesthetically very bad, So we usually give the impression of being much older than we actually have.

That is why today I will teach you how to rejuvenate our face using practices and easy facial therapies with ice, so from home you can give life and youth to your face, to look more beautiful and radiant every day. Using ice on your face will help you eliminate the damage caused by pollution, sun rays, poor nutrition, use of makeup, among other factors that damage our skin, without us noticing it.

Many industries have created a wide range of products for the care of our face, some of these really help to regenerate and beautify it, however, most of these are excessively expensive, many are out of reach of anyone, and even more so if they are Products that you should use every day, but do not believe there are other alternatives less expensive, that will help you look just as beautiful without investing so much money.

Facial therapy with ice is a completely natural treatment, which you can also do yourself and from your home, this therapy is quite popular among some women, thanks to its effectiveness to regenerate, rejuvenate and tone the skin day by day.

This is a treatment of completely oriental origin, which has spread around the world so that all women can regenerate their skin in a very practical and less expensive.

How do we perform this facial therapy?:

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Very easy, remember to always wash and clean your face very well before performing any mask or facial therapy, it is important that your face or skin are free of impurities in order to find the result you want.

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Take a clean white towel, make compresses with crushed ice or cubes, place these compresses in your face for 15 to 20 minutes, both morning and evening, if you wish you can do this therapy by placing the ice directly in Your face, it is important that this ice is mineral water, in order to maintain the cleaning of the skin.

What benefits does ice provide us to regenerate the skin?
These types of ice facial therapies are so effective that in fact it is often done at Spa or beauty salons, which usually tell their clients how to do it from home to maintain a lasting effect.

This facial therapy is ideal for:

  1. Combat and eliminate acne and skin blemishes, which usually appear due to hormonal changes, contraceptive methods, pregnancy, exposure to the sun, among others.
  2. Incredibly stimulates blood circulation, so it helps to rejuvenate the skin, helping the production of new cells.
  3. It refreshes, tones and embellishes the face, without any alteration.
    Prevents the appearance of such fearsome wrinkles.
  4. Closes open pores, which helps prevent blackheads.
  5. It disinflames the bags that are produced under the eyes, and in turn, helps eliminate dark circles.

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Come and try this therapy to regenerate your skin, I assure you will love the results, you will see how soon you will look much younger and more beautiful, remember to continue visiting our website, where you will find the best health and beauty treatments that will make you look beautiful.

10 Simple Steps To Keep Your Skin Radiant And Perfect:

Unlike what many believe, it is not necessary to be an expert to take care and maintain your healthy skin, all you have to do is follow the advice I will give you below. And is that it is super simple to have a radiant and perfect skin Do not complicate yourself! So get to work.

1. NEVER fall asleep without washing your face:

In order for your face to look clean and healthy, you must constantly eliminate the impurities that may prevent the free breathing of the pores, be it makeup, dust or pollution; Remember that the environment is flooded with particles that invade your body through the air. That is why it is important that before bed clean your face, preferably with a special lotion or soap for that part of your body that you care so much.

2. Exfoliate your skin:

It is advisable that at least once a week exfoliates the skin of your face, it can be with natural products or some specific brand. In my opinion, brown sugar is your best friend in this regard. Mix a little with the gel you normally use to exfoliate, scrub gently for a minute and go! Your face will be as smooth as ever.

3. Watch out for wrinkles !:

It is natural that over the years some lines of expression are created, and although they are not very pleasant, you can prevent their appearance easily. I recommend that you use a cream that contains antioxidants, which will be responsible for regenerating the skin of your complexion. If you use it responsibly and religiously you will have a firmer, luminous, smooth skin free of freckles or unwanted spots.

4. Nourish your face as much as you can !:

Using a cream that protects your face from UV rays and contamination is essential. If you nourish your skin enough, it will make it easier to act against these harmful agents. And if you are worried about using a commercial product, you can apply natural yogurt every 10 days, making sure you let it act for at least 15 minutes.

5. Do not forget to hydrate yourself:

Every living thing needs to be hydrated to maintain its health. If you want to look radiant, you will not at least get at least 8 glasses of water DAILY. If you decrease this amount, you can cause dryness and wrinkles at an early age.

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6. Refresh and revitalize:

Toning your skin is important. Refreshing and revitalizing your skin with these products is very simple. Wet a cotton with a prudent amount of tonic, then give a few touches to your face, not many, with just about 5. If you do this, you will keep your skin flawless and free of external conditions. You should make sure that the tonic you use does not contain alcohol, this could irritate and mistreat your skin.

7. Completely remove pimples:

They are definitely the terror of any woman, and they appear when we least expect it and eliminate our chances of showing a smooth and clean skin. The only thing you have to do to end the dreaded pimples is to use a facial cleanser, even if you do not see or suspect that you are going to get a squeeze. If you fight the problem before, you will have a glowing skin afterward.

8. Tell NO dark circles:

There is nothing worse than a tired face with dark circles. To eliminate those lumps I recommend using a chamomile tea. Prepare it, cool the sachets and when cool put them in the eyes for about 15 minutes. The cucumber is also excellent for removing dark circles, cut two slices and put them in your eyes, this will deflate and leave you fresher than ever.

9. Goodbye Blackheads:

Chamomile is also used to remove annoying blackheads. Bring to a boil and receive the steam for about 5 or 8 minutes, then close the pores with cold water. Your skin will be perfect, radiant and free of impurities and grease.

10. Live life and relax !:

Dedicate even 30 minutes to stimulate the facial muscles will allow the makeup, which uses to adhere better, which will make you look more natural and radiant. You can apply your mask of preference, and after 15 minutes clean your face with warm water. Give a massage with your index finger and thumb that starts on your chin and ends in your ears. Then smooth your forehead by placing three fingers over your eyebrows and go up to the hair. Alisa again but now until reaching your neck and neckline.

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Follow these practical and very useful tips and you will see how in less than you think you will have a radiant and perfect complexion. Keep visiting our website and you can continue to enjoy our incredible tips that will help you to stay beautiful, radiant and great.

7 Tips To Avoid And Fight Wrinkles Naturally:+Do Wrinkles Naturally Go Away

The years do not pass in vain, and the best example of that is the dreaded and hated wrinkles. Here we will give you 7 tips that will help you avoid them and fight them, and the best thing is that it will be!

Wrinkles are commonly the result of aging, but there are many other factors that influence when the lines of expression are marked more. That is why we will give you the best and most practical tips, extremely simple and totally natural so that if you are already noticing that some wrinkles appear on your face, and you want to avoid them, start now, or if you already have them, you can Combat them very easily. It is enough that you take some measures, that will take little time and do not represent more effort, to make your skin look beautiful and healthy

7 tips that will help you fight the fearsome wrinkles:

1. Do not smoke !:

It is scientifically proven that the cigarette, in addition to being harmful to health, also accelerates the aging of the skin, causing a reduction in blood flow to the face, thus converting natural lines of expression into dreaded wrinkles.

And it’s not just that you stop smoking (if you do), you should also stay away from environments where you smoke constantly. Therefore, if your partner, or a family member who lives with you, smoke, ask her or her to do it outside of your home or in a place where you are not waxing, as this may cause wrinkles.

2. Do not wash your face very often:

Some dermatologists argue that you should not wash your face quite often because in doing so, you would be removing the essential oils your skin needs to prevent wrinkles and protect yourself from contamination or other skin problems.

Also, when you wash your face, use a neutral soap, since it will not be aggressive with your skin. Remember to perform some messages while washing your face.

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3. Consume Omega 3:

This supplement is ideal for combating wrinkles. If you do not want to buy it in the form of capsules or pills, you should only consume fish, because the fish has a lot of omega 3, in addition to proteins that will help a lot your skin, and make you look younger. As an additional information, we recommend the salmon, which will provide you with an extra amount of protein.

4. Consume vitamin C:

Vitamin C contains many antioxidants that are responsible for the production of collagen, and in turn, protect from the sun’s rays. In this way, it regenerates damaged skin and helps prevent wrinkles. You can choose to consume it as a supplement, in the form of tablets or capsules, or you can simply consume foods that are rich in vitamin C.

Also, vitamin C is also available in cream, to apply directly on the lines of expression.

5. Avoid as much as you can expose yourself to the sun:

This is definitely one of the best tips to avoid or eliminate wrinkles since the sun is a fundamental cause of aging skin.

If you know this, you are still going to expose yourself to the sun, always make sure to apply sunscreen before taking care of your skin from UVA / UVB rays.

6. Exfoliate your skin:

A gentle exfoliation will help you with wrinkles, as it removes all those impurities, dust and dead cells that are normally accumulated where folds and lines of expression are formed, causing wrinkles to become more evident.

Exfoliating your skin from time to time will make your skin cleaner, and therefore look radiant and healthy.

7. Always moisturize your skin:

If the skin is well hydrated, the wrinkles will be less obvious. Therefore, you should start by drinking enough water daily, just as you should also use a moisturizer, which will help you a lot to avoid or eliminate those wrinkles.

We assure you that with these simple tips you will make your skin look beautiful and without wrinkles!

Know 6 Natural Remedies To Treat Acne:+Can Home Remedies Cure Chlamydia

If you have pimples and pimples on your face, this article is for you. We will give you 6 natural remedies to treat acne in your face.

Acne is manifested by pimples, or pimples, which often appear in different areas of the body, such as the face (mainly), back, chest, shoulders even in the glutes. It is an infection that is produced by changes of the sebaceous glands, causing that the pores are very obstructed, and for this reason, they become inflamed, giving rise to rashes.

Commonly, acne occurs in adolescence and disappears after this stage, but really anyone can suffer, even someone of adult age.

When a granite or a ship appears, the first decision we make is to tighten this area to disappear, but this action really only makes them worse, causing even scars.

6 natural remedies to treat acne:

Dermatologists recommend medications by mouth, or topical, to treat this problem. However, there are home remedies for acne that are highly effective to combat it.

1. Sodium Bicarbonate:

Baking soda is a basic remedy to combat pimples and granules, as it keeps your skin clean and smooth.

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For this remedy, you must mix a spoonful of baking soda with a little water, until a paste is formed. Once mixed, apply exactly on each shin or grain. Leave on for 10 minutes, and remove with cold water. This you can do daily, adding it to your usual cleaning routine, but if you get to present some kind of irritation, suspend it and choose another remedy from the ones we give below.

2. The lemon:

This fruit is perfect for treating acne, as it contains lots of citric acids, which acts as an antibacterial and natural softener.

You only have to extract a few drops of lemon juice and apply it in the affected areas. You can also chop the lemon in half and rub one of the halves where you have acne. Leave it on for 10 minutes, and conclude by washing your skin with warm water and some mild soap. Remember that it is best to do this only at night, but if you do it during the day, do not forget to apply enough sunscreen, since the lemon in conjunction with the sun could stain your skin.

3. Egg white:

This is a very effective remedy to treat acne, by the feminoids it contains. Start by separating the white from the yolk. Then gradually apply the clear, with a brush, over the area where you have acne. Let it act for about 15 minutes. To finish, remove the clear with warm water. You can do this procedure once or twice a week.

4. Mint:

The main element of mint is menthol, which is a natural anti-inflammatory, and therefore will help you to treat acne quickly and effectively. You can make an infusion of mint, or mix the mint leaves with a little warm water, and apply it in the affected area. Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes. Then rinse. You can also include this in your daily cleaning routine.

5. Honey:

Honey is beneficial for the skin, as it also has antibacterial activities. You can apply it directly on the pimple or a pimple, and let it act all night. You can also mix it with lemon and let it act for about 15 or 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

6. Strawberries:

Commercial anti-acne creams often have salicylic acid, which is present in strawberries. You can crush them until you get a paste, and apply it for 20 minutes, or you can make a mixture of strawberries, egg white, and honey, and also let it act for 20 minutes. Then rinse with cold water.

We hope that by implementing these natural remedies to treat acne, you can effectively address the problem.