Going Grey Isnt The End Of The World

Your first gray or In some cases white hair may have you feeling a little down, especially considering the youth-obsessed culture that we live in. Take heart, because there are professional salon quality hair color products out there that are designed to protect, nourish, and totally cover every strand of hair, and are also designed for comprehensive gray coverage. Ask your stylist about the professional quality products that are right for you and are specially designed especially for the daily care of color-treated gray hair.

What causes hair to turn gray in the first place?

Hair turns gray or white when levels of melanin in the body decrease due to age. Melanin is the pigment that controls the color of the skin, and hair is actually considered to be an extension of the skin, so it makes sense. Heredity plays a big part in determining when a persons hair begins to gray. Some people begin to notice gray hairs in their twenties and thirties, while others do not see any dramatic color difference until retirement age.

How can I get rid of my gray hairs?

While there is no way to get rid of gray hair, it is possible to color treat it so that no one will ever know it is there in the first place. Gray hair, since it contains little pigment of its own, can sometimes resist the addition of new pigment, which is why it is so important to have your hair colored professionally. Dyes in the box may seem more convenient, but when you consider the mess, the time involved, and the high risk of user error, it makes more sense to schedule an appointment with a trained professional, like your Professional quality product stylist.

Can trauma make hair turn gray?

Some people swear that sudden shock or trauma can cause gray or white hairs to appear, but this is more than likely due to a benign form of alopecia, a condition that in its most serious stage can result in total hair loss. It is true that trauma effects the entire body, including the hair, but as of yet, there is not scientific proof that a shocking revelation about someone that you know will cause your hair to turn gray.

Which products should I use to keep my color from fading?

Try a professional quality product recommended by your salon stylist that are color safe and do not contain any harsh chemicals or pigment stripping ingredients, and deliver soft, natural looking hair every time.


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