How To Hair Treating In Rainy Season With Regular Maintenance


Hair is the crown of a woman. Therefore, women need to be smart in hair treating for beautiful hair begins with regular maintenance.

At the time the rainy season like this sometimes the condition of the hair to be changed. Hair will be a little fragile and the humidity becomes unstable. Proper care in the rainy season becomes a solution to keep hair healthy and beautiful.

There are several things that must be considered in treating hair during the rainy season. The tips below will help you know exactly how to care for your crown during the rainy season.

Note the hairstyle

When the rainy season to avoid hairstyles that are too complicated and complex. It is better to choose a haircut that is not too long. Avoid styling as well as hair dryers and curling time rebounding season.

Wash your hair properly and regularly

Wash your hair every other day with a shampoo that suits your hair type. Do not forget to always apply hair conditioner on the ends of your hair after shampooing.

This will help maintain moisture damaged hair and prevent hair at the edges. Hair tonic is also used in order to avoid the significant loss.

Weekly Maintenance

In addition to keeping it clean by washing hair regularly, weekly maintenance is also necessary. Hair spa cream bath and can be an alternative option. Perform maintenance are alternately every week. Choose natural materials such as basic materials aloe Vera, lemon, ginseng, and so on.

Head Massage

In addition to regular hair treatments such as hair spa cream bath or routinely head message is also important for blood circulation in the head. Usually in the rainy season is likely to be oily hair, dandruff, and fall. By doing message will head blood circulation and avoid loss.

Healthy Food

Consumption of vegetables and fruits fresh and healthy can help head and hair to make it healthier. So that in the rainy season when the hair can survive the bad weather conditions because of the treatment. Consumption of vitamin E, milk, and calcium-rich foods will help.

In addition to the points listed above to be considered are hygiene hair and health. There are some additional tips that we can follow, such as:

• Make sure the hair is completely dry conditions when outdoors

• After the rain immediately flushes Wash your hair and clean.

• Avoid using a hair dryer because it will worsen the condition of the hair.

• Use cover head when outdoors, but try to avoid very tight lid.

• Do not wash your hair with hot water because it will have an impact on the fragile hair.

Maintaining the beauty of hair at a time when the rainy season is basically not that complicated, if you’re patient and diligent then the result will look. Do not forget to always have a healthy lifestyle with healthy eating and a balanced diet.