Apply Groomed Stylish Nail Art and Healthy Nail Ideas


Nails is one of the important parts that can have an impact on performance & although small but the beauty and nail beauty concern.

If you have an attractive appearance with good makeup skin groomed stylish appearance but with the condition of nails dirty and not well maintained will definitely ruin everything. Therefore, it’s good to pay attention to the appearance of your nails.

Besides diligent care of nails such as nail cutting provide vitamins nails and trim cuticles nails will look neat and healthy. To make it more interesting the method of nail art or art of decorating the nails can be a solution.

What is nail art?

Nail art is the art of makeup to look beautiful nails with a variety of media such as nail polish rhinestone, glitter, nail stickers and much more. With a variety of creative an then nails look attractive and beautiful.

There is a wide selection of makeup nail art that is currently much in demand by women. Listed below are some interesting ideas for decorating your beautiful nails.

Conventional Nail Art


Conventional nail art that is meant to decorate nails by applying nail polish or nail polish only. The trick is by applying a base coat as the base then paint your nails with your favorite color after dry apply a top coat that color more beautiful and durable.

French Manicure


For a beautiful impression but still look natural and clean French manicure can be a mainstay. French manicure is a natural color makeup nail color resembles a white tip.
To create a French manicure basically, we just need white nail polish base coat and top coat.
• After the nails clean apply a base coat
• topical white nail polish on the top edge of the nail
• when dry apply a top coat.

3D Nail Art


What is unique today is that of 3D nail art design. In addition to the base material the base coat and top coat, we will also need a variety of 3-dimensional artifacts such as Swarovski rhinestone or small such as 3-D decoration made from clay and most importantly is the nail glue.
Having beautiful nails with beautiful colors attach 3-dimensional ornaments by using nail glue. And voila your nails look unique and beautiful.

Instant Nail Art


If you do not have much time to decorate your nails there are various means of instant for example by installing artificial nails that have been decorated with beautiful nail art on it.
Artificial nails that are complete with decorations will be very practical and beautiful that we just need to stick it with glue that is already available in the package.

In there are a few tips to decorate your nails so the results look beautiful.

• Ensure healthy nails awake.

• Always use a base coat before decorating or coloring nail polish that is not broken.

• Vitamin nails are also important to care for your nails to keep it healthy and beautiful.

• For the French manicure, we can use additional tools such as stickers so the results are neat but it can also be a pencil nails French manicure easy solution.