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(X). SML Release the Latest Collection More Clean & Minimalist

In its annual fashion show fashion label (X). SML the theme (X).SML Biyan Wanaatmadja care label designer clothing that gives a more clean and minimalist.(X). SML Release the Latest Collection More Clean & Minimalist

Usually always inspired from the past old, vintage, so now would be different.Tomorrow land of the future. Collection is cleaner, clean, minimalist, and modern. Every piece it’s about individual mixed which can be used by anyone. And it’s timeless, “he said during a press conference event Biyan (X). SML Annual Show at the Fairground, SCBD, Jakarta, Friday (09/14/2012).

In addition to the theme of the future (X). SML also took inspired of art music and photography in general. This year we want the same cool-cool music, too many movies these days are cool. Musical inspiration we take a general non-specific,” added Biyan who served as the Creative Director (X). SML

Consisting of 108 collections (X).SML presents a series of clothing with structural silhouettes and volume.For example a balloon shaped like a sleeve, three-dimensional detail, cut loose and firm. Asymmetric model, print and wash effects can also be found in the average collection is dominated by monochrome palette.(X). SML Release the Latest Collection More Clean & Minimalist

The fashion show was opened by the all-white clothing ranging from tank tops, tops shirts, cardigans, jackets, Jodhpur pants were cut up in the calf. After white palette, (X). SML also presents a collection nuanced ‘dark romance’. Not surprisingly dark colors such as navy and black are also in attendance.

In his latest collection (X).SML also played with classical motifs such as polka dots and triangles.To make the dress look more playful and young (X). SML does not hesitate to incorporate all the motifs together in one outfit. This technique provides an abstract view exciting.

Materials used by (X).SML mostly crisp cotton, twill and a sweatshirt. The remaining material is ‘heavy’ as knit and quilted leather. But not (X). SML name if not present overalls made from lightweight maxi. Chiffon and materials ‘waved’ selected for gelepai effect on long dresses that look more dramatic.

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