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Wow There Competition Encim Batik Design in Australia

Cultural richness of Indonesia always stole the hearts of the connoisseurs of art and fashion throughout the world. Australia one of them our neighboring countries often hold cultural events are mutually enrich each other nation.Wow There Competition Encim Batik Design in Australia

Coinciding with the Festival of Indonesia that took place in Melbourne Australia on 17 to 23 September 2012, they held a fashion design competition with the theme of Batik Encim. Batik Encim chosen not only because it is popular in Indonesia but also contains the historical value of Chinese culture symbolizes assimilation process into the daily life of the people of Indonesia are reflected by batik motifs with a strong Chinese cultural nuances.

The contestants are required to interpret the philosophy as much as possible of Indonesian culture into their works were judged by four judges that Mrs. Irma Wisnandar the board of the Association of Ratna Clothing; Bryan Collie, Director mifa; Jenny Layton founder of Ark Clothing and Barli Asmara, young designers Indonesia.

Seven models was strolling the catwalk Melbourne Institute of Fine Arts (Mifa), Melbourne. They demonstrate the work of seven young Australian designers who follow the competition. Fashion design competition which is the opening event Festival Indonesia is expected to color the fashion industry in particular Australia and Australian culture generally known for its spirit Multiculturalism.

After the competition elected Hadinata P. Tjoa as the winner.He poured Batik Encim into the design of clothing inspired by the struggle of the peoples of Indonesia and RA Kartini. As the winner, eligible Hadinata show of Jakarta Fashion Week 2013 and exhibited his work to audiences Jakarta mode.

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