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Wow, Lady Gaga Wear Jewelry & Gold Nails

Gaga has been famous for the eccentric her dress style. Normal dress Gaga did not forget to wear jewelry and gold nails are so much in her hands.Wow, Lady Gaga Wear Jewelry & Gold Nails

As a superstar Lady Gaga certainly understand very well how she should dress. Evidently, although we have seen up excited she can still steal the attention of many people.

But this time the singer of the song Bad Romance is just a normal dress. In a new perfume launch, Fame, Gaga appears dressed in a simple long black dress. With a stylish beehive hair and thick eyeliner, her 26-year show ala the 1960’s.Wow, Lady Gaga Wear Jewelry & Gold Nails

Certainly not the Gaga name if you do not give a phenomenal performance. Although relatively normal fashion, it is very striking accessories selection. This Greek-blooded woman wearing gold jewelry so much on her hands. Not only bracelets and rings, Gaga also wore what looked like a long gold nails.Wow, Lady Gaga Wear Jewelry & Gold Nails

These accessories also make it quite the rush, for example, when she had to justify her hair. Not only that Gaga also can not shake hands with her fans. In fact, not a few who had been awaiting her arrival at the Knightsbridge store, London, such as reported by Dailymail.

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