Who Dare to Wear Shoes With Heels in the Future Here?


South African designers make a shoe that is very unique and extreme. Shoes with heels are appearing to be on the front. Who dare to wear?Who Dare to Wear Shoes With Heels in the Future Here?

The design of these shoes is made by art students Leanie van der Vyver. She created it as a criticism of the design of the fashion industry often glorifying perfection.

A Dutch shoe maker Rene van den Berg then realizes the design work Leanie real. She made shoes with heels in front of it in butter yellow.

The design was actually created as a graduation assignment at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Unique shoes are now made Leanie nominated for prestigious design awards held Gerrit Rietveld’s campus.

I wrote about how the human testis been playing God with their bodies. Constantly seeking perfection and I found perfection has reached a climax in the fashion and beauty industry. Heels could not be higher,” she explained as quoted by the Daily Mail.Who Dare to Wear Shoes With Heels in the Future Here-

Shoes handiwork was named Leanie, ‘Scary Beautiful’. Scary Beautiful challenge current beauty ideals by creating a new standard of beauty are staggering.

Shoes Leanie this work is quite extreme but before, they had no footwear with unique designs such as the work of Noritaka Tatehana. Noritaka make shoes without heels who later popularized by Lady Gaga.

Looks like Leanie made shoes will also attract the attention of the singer of ‘Born This Way’ is. It’s no secret that Gaga is a man who often appeared with strange and unique fashion.

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