What Shoes Are Suitable for The Big Calves?


Beautiful feet are one of supporting a woman’s appearance with shoes. To add to its many beauty women taking special care or beautify them with shoes that accentuated the sexiness of the wearer.

Selena Gomez Legs Shoes, What Shoes Are Suitable for The Big Calves
Selena Gomez Legs Shoes, What Shoes Are Suitable for The Big Calves

But what if you are the owner of the calf of the leg? Can still look sexy? As quoted from the Type F, there are several choices of shoes are appropriate for owners of large calves. What are they?

For the female owner of the calf, the first thing you should do to avoid using shoes with the application or the motif is too crowded. Details will only make people’s attention fixed on the shape of your foot.

Should choose shoes that match the color of the skin because it can give the illusion of legs but if you get bored with plain shoes with metal detail or small motif could be an option.

Proportionality is always an important factor in choosing shoes. If you have large feet wear shoes that intersect the large. Chunky heels or platform shoes, such as wedges, can be an option because their designs make your feet very aesthetically balanced.

Most shoe laces do not conform to the shape of the foot because it makes the legs look shorter and bigger. But to work around this, you can choose shoes marry Jane strap with a wider size.

For lovers of boots should not hesitate to wear your favorite shoes it. Ankle boots can be an option without making legs look short. Another advantage of these ankle boots are that she will still look stunning with any kind of jeans you have.

Odds that one will not fit large feet wearing high heels, is a wrong assumption. All it takes is a shoe with proper rights. Shoes with thick heels can help you to stand more stable and proportionate, In contrast to the right thickness the right little uncomfortable because your body can not make a stable stand.

But besides all the tips about the right shoes, the most important thing is to choose shoes that are comfortable and can highlight the advantages and disadvantages to cover your legs, The key look for shoes that can get you running for a long time without making a wound in the leg.