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Well Johnny Depp Collector Barbie Doll

Johnny Depp seems to have a unique hobby which is collecting Barbie dolls. Even collected Barbie character famous artists such as Lindsay Lohan.

He has dozens of limited edition Barbie, a source said quoted by Femalefirst.

He also had a Barbie doll Beyonce and Destiny’s Child the High School Musical New Kids on Block Elvis and even Donny Osmond, added the source.

According to sources so his hobby of collecting dolls Pirates of the Caribbean actor itu sampai seek complementary accessories.

The most strange is the Lindsay Lohan doll complete with ankle bracelet monitoring, such as when he was under house arrest, he said.

According to sources a hobby is quite helpful in dealing with problems entertaining Johnny his life.

Johnny’s mother Betty Palmer was recently hospitalized in Los Angeles because of respiratory illness. Johnny also recently separated from his friend for 14 years Vanessa Paradis who had given him two children Lily-Rose (13) Jack (10).

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