Weight Loss Can It Go Down to Wear Perfume


Want to lose weight simply by spraying perfume? Now your wish can come true.

There is a recent innovation in the fragrance industry that can reduce one’s appetite. Perfume fragrance called weight loss came from France.

Perfume named ‘Prends Moi’, which means ‘take me to France’ that promises to lose weight. How does it work?

Excerpted from the Fashion etc when sprayed on the skin will increase a person’s hormone endorphin. Thus creating feelings of happiness which can lead to decreased appetite.

Created from ingredients such as caffeine, carnitine, and spirulina extract who created the ‘Slimming Complex’ which works to activate the enzyme. The enzyme is able to break down fat.

Interested to have this multifunctional perfume? You can buy it on the website shopping ‘Prends Moi’, costing € 56 Rp 650 thousands.


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