Want to Stay Healthy & Beautiful? Do not Make These 5 Things!


Women often have bad habits that can cause serious illness one way to use lipstick or alternately touching your face when your hands dirty. They often do not realize it.Want to Stay Healthy Beautiful Do not Make These 5 Things

Therefore, avoid habits that can make you sick. Here are five habits reported by Bold Sky.

1. Alternately Using Lip Balm or Lipstick

Many women who always turns using lipstick or lip balm with a friend or colleague But be careful, this could be a bad habit that will affect your health. Share lipstick can transmit disease from person to you. Therefore, if you want to use the lipstick has a friend, you should use a lipstick brush itself.

2. Borrowing Comb to Other People

A comb is one of the make-up equipment that must exist in your bag every day. Handy comb to straighten hair while it is active but the thing is, if you forget to bring a comb. Most women borrowed combs his hair in order to maintain neatness. Whenever possible, avoid these habits may cause the spread of diseases of the scalp, including dandruff.

3. Share Eyeliner

One habit that should be avoided by women is sharing eyeliner. It can transmit the disease through contact with the skin because the skin on the eye is more sensitive. Therefore, put on eyeliner before going away so as not to use them interchangeably while smoothing the appearance of the office.

4. Touching the Face

Most women do not realize often touch their face while smoothing makeup. In fact, the hands and nails take a lot of bacteria that can cause your body to disease. This needs to be avoided so that the immune system is maintained Tanganlah Wash as often as possible in order to minimize the risk of bacteria developing fingernails or hands.

5. Forget Removes Make Up After a flier

Maybe you are a busy woman who left early and came home at night. Sometimes, it makes you lazy busy to clean your face after work. It can clog the pores of the skin and even cause your face acne. For that, wear make-up no more than 6 hours to maintain skin health and make sure you clean it after traveling.