Victoria Beckham Release Line Glasses Worth USD 4.3 Million


Become successful fashion designer, it looks like Victoria Beckham did not make feel satisfied. Now, the former Spice Girls were said to have created a line of sunglasses with its own name.

Glasses seem to have become an important part of Victoria. Mother of four children was often seen wearing sunglasses on various occasions. But Victoria found it difficult to find reading glasses that fit her desire.

I am required to use reading glasses, but I did not find glasses that fit with me or that I love,” said the old woman’s 38-year-old, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

Because of that reason, Victoria decided to design their own reading glasses. “I am always conscious of myself, so I decided to do it myself,” she explained.

In making this line of sunglasses, Victoria in collaboration with Cutler and Gross and the company will be sold in January 2013. Victoria eyewear collection is available in six styles, and all of them decorated by the letter ‘V’ at the end of the handle glasses.

The collection consists of a model of aviator sunglasses. Some glasses are sold works ranging from 295 to 340 pounds, or about USD 4.3 million to $ 5 million, took a touch of masculine, feminine designs appear with the rest.

Victoria promised to always wear sunglasses designs at every opportunity. Is the Victoria line will be successful as glasses clothing line? We’ll see.


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