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Unique Shoes Collection at Northampton Museums & Art Gallery

New look with a rich variety soles to Christian Louboutin red-soled stilettos with; the women are surrounded by fabulous footwear but thanks to a new exhibition, the history of footwear from around the world and revealed the funny times.Unique Shoes Collection at Northampton Museums & Art Gallery

Northampton Museum and Art Gallery in England put a collection of shoes and boots to be exhibited as part of the Global Footprint, heritage program of life and visual arts designed to raise awareness and show industrial shoes and boots Northampton shire.Unique Shoes Collection at Northampton Museums & Art Gallery-

Of shoes made of hair is made up stilettos for men in the museum’s collection of shoes featuring colorful graphics footwear history.

Here is a collection of shoes that eased the situation at Northampton Museum & Art Gallery, as reported by the Daily Mail.

  • Cloud and Rainbow Shoes, Blue shoe design with clouds and rainbows draft Thea Cadabra in 1984 sebgai illustrates that many women dream about shoes. According to Thea shoes are only suitable for dreams and fairy tales.
  • A pair of platform shoes with a synthetic striped orange and pink as well as 11-inch heel made in the 1980’s. This shoe proves that the 1980 was a great decade hair, big shoulders and bigger heel.
  • Shoes gold barrette designed by Charles Hind in 1889. This proves that the soles of shoes heel height 5 inches have been valued by generations of his day.
  • Black shoes with ankle straps and a statue of a woman in front of him which was designed in 1978. Half shoe, half work of art – this shoe proves that BDSM has existed at the time.
  • Silver platform shoes design John Flueveg in 1971.
  • Shoes husks made by Native Americans in 1980. These shoes are only worn by the dead as funeral shoes.
  • Pictorial platform boots British flag, Union Jack sparkling. Union Jack Glitter Platform Boot was designed by Shellyssekita 1997.
  • Shoes dragon made by Thea Cadabra (1979 & 1996) for The Crafts Council Event Shoe Show in 1979.
  • Black stiletto heels size 11 seven inici and designed for men, made in 1973-1977.
  • Clogs for showers from Turkey, was made in 1900.
  • Shoes like poms from Pakistan which is made of wool with the back of an increasingly narrow.

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