Turquoise Eid Dresses Collection for Girls For EID Festival


Turquoise Eid Dresses released pictures of her Eid dresses collection of today. Turquoise Eid collection of casuals and semi-formals styles in 2015. Eid formal clothing wears for those who do not want to be perfect for eid Festival.

Turquoise Eid Dresses Collection For EID Festival

Turquoise Eid dresses Collection 2015 will be wearing teal, lunches and get-together ideal for Eid. Clothing for women of all ages has been found suitable to take on Eid. Modern and traditional embroidery to make cuts, they look quite impressive. In addition, a collection of Turquoise Eid clothes for them even more attractive affordability in 2015. Color models, as well as the Turquoise Eid dresses Collection 2015 for Girls For EID Festival are sure to like.

Turquoise Eid Dresses

Turquoise was founded a few years ago, the two ladies, Nuzhat Kamran & Fauzia Bokhari, Lahore-based fashion brand is one? Formal wear, semi-formal wear and casual wear, and therefore, comply with all of its customers’ needs, including clothes, clothes for all kinds of offers Has released a new dress for each occasion and, therefore, to keep customers on a regular basis to get new clothes.

The quality is very good at wearing of turquoise. In addition, the prices are very reasonable and the quality of the stitching. Phase 3, DHA, Lahore outlet is located in the path. You will be able to get their clothes.

The pictures of Turquoise Eid Dreeses Collection 2015 for Girls For EID Festival can be seen below. If you want any of the outfits from this eid collection, rush to the outlet of Turquoise to get them as they are bound to sell like hot cakes. Also, visit the outlet to see all the outfits in Turquoise Eid dresses Collection 2015 for Girls For EID Festival since these are only a few of them. For details and inquiries, email Turquoise or go to its Facebook page. You can also contact Turquoise through phone. The phone number is below. The email address plus the address of the Facebook page of the brand can also be seen below.

Phone Numbers: 0322-8479777, 0322-8479444, 04235893500

Email Address: turquoiselhe@gmail.com

Facebook Page: TurquoiseLahore

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