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Trend Hours New Variations Modern Retro Eyeliner

Maybe all this you only know the tricks cat eyes when you paint your eye line. But you know, if still a lot of eyeliner trend is quite exciting to try? Well, let’s draw Those lines!

TREND JAM Variasi Baru Eyeliner Retro modern
TREND JAM Variasi Baru Eyeliner Retro modern

For most people, including me, eyeliner is a compulsory item after lipstick is always in the bag. Scratches on the eye eyeliner will make your eyes framed perfectly alert. To view the daily, many are just polishing along the lash line to the impression of simple and natural. But many are trying to create a touch of paint over the eye to make eyes look more ‘lifted’. But, is there another trick? Certainly

Cat Eyes is Timeless

TREND JAM Variasi Baru Eyeliner Retro modern

I must admit that cat eye is timeless. Since the time of Cleopatra, these eyeliner tricks like never ‘die’. The trick is easy, but with effects that can make the eyes look different to paint eyes instantly became a favorite trick for many women around the world.

Graphic Eyeliner

TREND JAM Variasi Baru Eyeliner Retro modern3

But are not you bored with ordinary that cat eye makeup? Thank to Those wonderful makeup artists around the world, now the cat eyes could look more modern. Add a line here and there to create a unique dimension to the eye. Try to apply eyeliner graphic tricks that put the game in your eye line. Choose a bold accent to the impression of a more dramatic and daring or open edges such as Jennifer Lopez by applying eyeliner along the upper and lower lashes. Your eyes will look more elongated.

Go Outside

TREND JAM Variasi Baru Eyeliner Retro modern

How about playing outside the line? Why not! Shake eyeliner in the upper eyelid area so that when your eyes are open, there will be two lines framing the sweet eyes. Furthermore you can also play with two different colors at the top and bottom eyelashes. Orange on top, black on the bottom Contrast will be fun!
Well, maybe those tricks are not office friendly, but you could give it a try for your night out. Always prepare a cotton bud and some makeup remover when you want to try one of the tricks above. Fix scratches that deviated from what you want. Whatever tricks that you choose, two important things: bold and confident. Frame part or in full, your eye makeup will certainly look more hot and dramatic!

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