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Top Summer Hairstyle Trend for 2012

Summer can be greeted with a new style and appearance. Your hair can be a new magic to the trendy style of the pieces of the summer.Top Summer Hairstyle Trend for 2012

Let’s peek haircut hype this season


Pieces of a bob again shine again this summer. Bob cut to add volume at the back will make you look unique.


Fringe pieces to be hype and stylish this season. Look for pieces of this model variations by adjusting the structure of the face. Long bangs Melawati eye pieces will make you look hot impressed.


Layer piece has always been an idol for the hair style. These natural pieces can be made with different hairstyle, hair styles in curly or straight. Jennifer Aniston is a famous icon with a layer haircut.


Crop hairstyle is a short haircut. For this year is more structured, with asymmetrical cuts and pieces like ‘bowl’ will be increasingly popular. Ringkes haircut and style is easy to set this increasingly edgy look with makeup.

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