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Top 7 Celebrities Makeup Bags Trends

The celebrities always look beautiful at every opportunity. It supported the use of the celebrity makeup woman. Want to know what make-up used the celebrity? Yuk, peep their make-up bags.

1. Kim Kardashian Make-up Bags

Eyelashes are always manicured and glossy nude lips are the hallmark of Kim Kardashian. No wonder, star of reality TV ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashian’ was always carrying a bag of false eyelashes in the make-up. Not only eyelashes, make-up is in the bag there is a foundation of the brand Illamasqua, from Rimmel blush, mascara and lipstick from Bourjois Lip Venom from to make the lips look fuller.

2. Jennifer Lopez Make-up Bags

According to J. Lo he could not leave the house without make-up. American Idol judge at least had to use foundation and mascara from L’Oreal.

3. Victoria Beckham Make-up Bags

Victoria Beckham describes the product make-up that he could never forget. Is the cream of Elizabeth Arden, Chanel and the foundation of Rose water is sprayed David Beckham’s wife when traveling.

4. Katy Perry Make-up Bags

Katy Perry always looks beautiful at every opportunity. Make-up is also not lagging behind. Chanter ‘Last Friday Night’ was always brought from the La Mer eye cream, mascara and perfume from Dior flagship created by Katy itself, Purr.

5. Blake Lively Make-up Bags

Fill the bag make-up of stars ‘Gossip Girl’ is mineral tint moisturizer from Elizabeth Arden, The Body Shop bronzer, blush and eyeshadow on from Clarins from Nars.

6. Rihanna Make-up Bags

One thing that should always be in the bag is mascara. Rihanna always use mascara from Covergirl Volume Exact Mascara. “It does not clot and make your eyelashes long and tapering,” said the singer of ‘We Found Love’ is.

7. Taylor Swift Make-up Bags

Has a beautiful eye make Taylor Swift make-up is always exposed to the part. Inside the bag there is a make-up is from the MAC gel eyeliner and mascara from Cover Girl.

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