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Top 5 Celebrity Hair Trends for 2012

New Year to look different? Here we present a selection of celebrity-style hair styles that can be replicated during 2012.

Top 5 Celebrity Hair Trends for 2012
Top 5 Celebrity Hair Trends for 2012

What’s On?

Still continued success in 2011, then the hair trends for 2012 will not undergo drastic changes. Which distinguishes it from previous years is the geometric style pieces on the left and the right hair, is now preferred for the bangs.

Then, long hair volume is still favored. For those who enjoy a super short haircut, you can choose a hair style chop, which is an extreme haircut with layers at the edges. As for the hair texture, style spiral curls that had hits in the early 90’s now again present.

Color of Your Hair

For hair color, black and shiny still a prima Donna. While the paint with brown hair, brunette, charcoal, and other warm colors still remain popular. If you want to appear different, try a touch of style Sun kissed highlights, namely young burst of color that is applied only on a few strands of your hair.

Meanwhile, if you want to experiment with bright neon colors, you should apply on a few strands of hair on the front as an accent highlights.

Hair Style

Long and Curly style of Rihanna

Model super curly hair that resembles a spiral may seem messy. To avoid the impression of weight, hair cut accidentally by layer technique that can make hair look thinner still.

To look up, you can apply wax or gel on the edges only. The result, the hair looks neater without leaving the impression section.

Short and Volume ala Nirina

Of the hair shaft which tends to coarse texture, makes hair look more volume. While the lack of this type of hair is an easy scalp sweat, it was easy automated oily hair.

In order to look still look chic, for this type of hair you should choose a hair style with a bob. Because cutting hair is too short, can make the hair look stiff and unnatural.

Super sleek style of Anggun

As if enduring era, the style of one-length cut looks very classic. You can choose to have the texture of coarse or fine hair.

While the problems that often occur in the long hair is fragile hair shaft with hair tip branching (split ends). To overcome this, we must be diligent to straighten the hair regularly, at least 3 months.

Jessica biel hot Wavy style

The first impression when I saw women with curly hair is sexy seductive Nan. To maintain the impression of sexy, long hair should be no less than your shoulders.

To keep the hair moist texture like this should be more diligent in performing maintenance such as a hair mask. If not, then your hair will look dry and stiff.

Big Bangs ala Rooney Mara

Ponytail hairstyle will still bloom in the year of 2012. Can be cut with straight bangs style or to the side for those of you who have oval face shape, can choose a straight cut bangs.

Conversely, for those who have a round face shape, you should choose the side bangs. That must be considered for ponytail hair is facial skin especially on the forehead area is always tut-tut for acne-prone skin.

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