Toilet Paper Wedding Dresses Contest 2012 in New York by Susan Brennan


To do business savings can indeed be done in many creative ways. One was a unique contest to make a wedding dress from toilet paper. Contest is held each year by the website Cheap Chic Weddings has 700 dresses that competed.

A number of regulations also apply to this unique contest. The committee only allows the use of Charmin toilet paper, glue, needle and thread to create designs. Dress should also be demonstrated by the model and can be used and removed as usual dress.

The first champion of “Toilet Paper Dresses” 2012 in New York this disabled by Susan Brennan. She needs 10 rolls of toilet paper a week to make a wedding dress, Thanks to her work that Susan got a prize money of USD 2 thousand (USD 18 million).

I wanted to create something original. Something that young brides want to wear it,” said 26-year-old woman. “It’s very exciting because its design makes shoes that are worn will still be visible.

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