Tips To Restore Hair Volumizing Dry & Broken In Pieces


Hair problems are the most frequent complaint of women is a condition of dry and cracked. If it were so the hair looks dull and not shiny. Though strongly support the appearance of hair. Hair that is dull wrinkled and cracked makes it look shabby.

Tips To Restore Hair Volumizing Dry & Broken In Pieces

Tips To Restore Hair Volumizing Dry & Broken In Pieces

To be healthy and shiny hair again consider the following tips, as reported by Good To Know.

Investment in Comb

Hair must be combed every day. But not just from combing the hair to be neat, but also note the condition of the comb. Make sure you comb the hair or clean and have a nice tooth comb. Avoid using plastic comb because the hair can be branched turn on the comb or brush bristles.

Wash with cold water

Should Wash using cold water. Cold water to close the hair cuticle, so soft and shiny effect. Cold water also works to reduce heat after a blow-dry hair. Fill cold water in spray bottle and then spray into the hair.

Hair massage with olive oil

Olive oil is proven to restore hair luster. Scalp massage with warm olive oil, if your skin to dry. But if your scalp is oily wipe the olive oil until just below the hair in the middle of it. Let stand overnight in olive oil wrap your hair with a towel. The next morning, rinse your hair with cold water.

Once a hair cut 3 Months

Most women who want to lengthen the crown, they are so unfortunately cut his hair. Though the hair is not cut into pieces that can create new problems branched hairs on its tip. So it should be, cut the bottom of the hair at least every three months.

Never Too Frequent Shampooing

Not recommended to wash it every day because the shampoo can reduce hair luster. Within a week, Wash three or four times and finish with a conditioner, the hair becomes soft and shiny.

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