Tips For A Natural Eye Makeup. Super For Radiant Day Glow!


It is summer and we want to look cool and radiant, with a Natural Eye Makeup for the day that will remove the heat and complication of the makeup recharged and give us a more simple and jovial look. That is why we have brought you several easy and practical tips to look beautiful without so many cosmetics on your face, which generate more heat and with the sweat of the summer weather becomes a mess!

Mainly we focus on the eyes, which are the center of attention of the face and those that give that light to the rest of the set, creating magic with a clear and clean look, with soft pastel colors that highlight the brightness of your eyes. You do not need to have a large arsenal of cosmetics when you look beautiful and natural.


“Bet for a natural and fresh type of makeup that is easy to apply in a short time, using key products for a sensational finish”

The ritual of a daily beauty of many celebrities consists of three simple steps, with which they achieve a simply fresh and natural appearance, always starting with a good moisturizer with sun protection to avoid the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation. This treatment continues with a translucent powder base and natural blush, apart from a lip gloss of pastel colors and terracotta. The eyes are made up of the form that we explain to you next.

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Make-up-of-Eyes-Natural.Performing a natural eye makeup does not require much practice or experience, however, we will show you how to achieve beautiful with a few steps, in a matter of minutes with our original and practical advice! Your look will thank you!

5 Natural Eye MakeupSteps for a Natural Eyes Make-Up

To achieve a perfect natural eye makeup, we will begin by applying a dark eyeshadow over the flapping eyelid, trying to deepen the color over the eyelashes and in the corner of the eye.

The corner of the eye should be darker so pay more attention to that area and diffuses the strokes very well. This is most easily achieved with a flat tip brush and applying the shade of the same tone to highlight the color. Perform sweeping movements from the center of the eyelid to the corner of the eye.

Similarly draw a line on your lower lashes, ending at the outer tip of the eye and making sure that both lines (upper and lower) meet in the corner.
To make your eyes appear slightly torn, make a thin corner that slightly exceeds the outer edge of the eye, and then blurs upward smoothly. You will create a radiant effect!

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Make-Up-Eyes-Natural-4Finally, to finish, you can apply a thin layer of eyelash mascara, but if you do not want to feel your eyes dirty, it will suffice to use the eyelash curler previously heated with the hair dryer for a better effect.

Make-up-of-eyes-natural-33Look at your beautiful face with a natural eye makeup that highlights your attributes and gives you an appearance so fresh that it looks like you were not in makeup. ?