Tips For Couples Can Close Friend


Closer friendship among men than women quite often, couples prefer to spend more time with his friends than you. Rather than upset and want to keep a couple of friends, you better go in the group.Tips For Couples Can Close Friend

Here’s how to impress family friend, as quoted from Female First.

1. Having a Sense of Humor

Unlike friendships with women, men are more relaxed laugh at themselves and laugh at your friends without feeling hurt. If you want to familiar with his spouse, come laugh with them when there was a funny joke or add a few more jokes. Good sense of humor will help you eliminate rigid situation.

2. Let Couple Having ‘Guy Time’

Do not try and ban a couple games with good friends. While you want to keep both him, but he also takes time to have fun that can only be done with her male friend.

When the he wanted to watch a football game, for example, let him go with his friends. But still make another time where you can spend time alone so you will be seen as an understanding and mature girlfriend. Want extra points in the eyes of her best friend? Bring snacks such as pizza or snacks while the couple was having fun with her friends.

3. Recommend your Friend Still Single

One friend couples still a single? Recommend him with one of your girlfriends. This is a great way to have friend’s family closer to you. Her boyfriend would often wonder about the women you introduce him, and this could be to talk about what makes you more familiar.

4. Show Interest

If you do not have a favorite hobby or friends of the same pair, it’s time to learn their habits. Began to show interest in your hobbies they always did together. Ask a few questions that allow you to open a conversation. This will show them that you are serious and try to know the couple and his companions deeper.

5. Know the Limits

Making friends with her partner does not mean that can go all the activities. Not just looks annoying, it also will make you keep an eye on every aspect of life as a couple and they will not be comfortable with your presence. Therefore, set a time where you can spend time alone together, when joined together with their friends and time for him to have fun with their friends.