Breasts Health Secrets How to Maintain Kim Kardashian Exposed


Want to get a beautiful bust and fluffy as an international celebrity, Kim Kardashian. Below are some secrets and tips to maintain breast health and beauty writer who would like to share with you.


Breasts Health Secrets How to Maintain Kim Kardashian ExposedAuthors hope to women out there, keep your breast as soon as possible because it is a very valuable ESET for every woman.

Highlight the beauty of your breasts…

1. Check All

Perform breast self-examination on a routine basis. Every woman should examine their own breasts, at least once a month on the same date, when there is no menstruation. For those who are still menstruating, the best time to check the breast a few days after the expiry of this period, every month when the breast is back gently. If there are any changes, you should see a doctor.

2. Surgery

Avoid surgery if only to enlarge the breast size. Women’s beauty lies not only in this asset but is on the ‘heart’.

3. Exercise

Exercise alone and treatment of breast gymnastics and yoga, one way to train muscle pectoralis to press the palms of the hands of the chin flush against a wall (such as lead position), a point of view to the sky, lasting a few seconds, then release. Repeat this exercise up to 10 times.

This training can be done when you’re in the bathroom. Feel the muscles pull on when you move the head pectoral above. Activities of lifting and lowering the shoulder, when done repeatedly, can strengthen the chest muscles.

If the choices of yoga, the first calm down start with the yoga position, gently move the right arm up and down her left arm. Return the arm to a position in line with the shoulders. Break off about 5 seconds. Then alternate the position, left arm up and down the right arm. Perform the movement 10 times.

4. Sequence

Breast massage with aroma oil therapy can keep the elasticity of the breast. Good massage to stimulate blood circulation. How to do massage outwards, downwards and inwards, and then follow the flow of lymph toward the armpit, collarbone and down towards the sternum.

Compared with the mask and cream that is applied, the use of aromatherapy oils is more effective, because the sequence would be more easily absorbed into the skin, blood flow, mammary gland and infiltrate the entire body.

5. Clean the Breast

Healthy breast is a clean breast. Note the cleanliness of the nipple, which is the water, is milk and oil glands which serve to smooth the nipples, so as not to dry and the skin is not broken. Use cotton that has been rubbed with olive oil to clean up the oil glands gland that is often attached to the nipple.

6. The Use of Clothes In

Use the appropriate clothes with you and not just stick in there. Preferably wear a bra the right size breast, over the period of pregnancy and during breastfeeding.

7. Breastfeeding

If breastfeeding, place the baby in the proper position and comfortable so that it is not too attractive breast. There is a problem in the feeding period; they include swelling of the breast, How to fix the problem, breast squeeze gently to soften before feeding or warm poultice to relieve pain.

Advantages of breastfeeding can prevent breast cancer, ovarian cancer and help shrink the uterus back to the original (after delivery).

8. Ramadan

Avoid your partner makes Ramadan breast (during sexual intercourse) by pushing to the right or left too strong. This is because such behavior often can make your breasts sag faster.