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Skin Care Origin Korea with Herbal Ingredients Present in Jakarta

Korean skin care products Belif just released in Jakarta. Skin care who inherited philosophy Duncan Napier an English concoction made from herbal ingredients without mixing chemicals.Skin Care Origin Korea with Herbal Ingredients Present in Jakarta

The results from a combination of traditional natural ingredients and makes science different from other cosmetic Belif.Belif believe the thing you need is honesty by stating the formula without exaggerating their efficacy.

Herbal ingredients used are calendula to prevent the sebum and skin problems provides and nourishes the skin. Other materials catnip flowering tops soothe the skin and roots of wild indigo content can prevent skin problems and oxidation.

While Belif not use hazardous materials, such as mineral oil that can hinder the skin to breathe, synthetic fragrances that can cause skin irritation. In addition it contains no synthetic dyes that can harm the skin. Belif also did not include synthetic preservatives and ingredients that come from animals which are often associated with BSE or mad cow disease.

There are four products Belif the favorites. The Aqua Herb Cream’ is a product of gel cream that can make skin fresh and moist. ‘Hungarian Water Essence’, a product that can transform dull skin becomes more radiant and healthy looking. Product is a lotion confidence Hungarian queen, Elizabeth in 1370 to make young.

Another popular product is the ‘The Anti-aging Essence Herb’. Is a moisturizing cream that is also effective to prevent premature aging.Another mainstay Cream ‘The Herb Moisturizing Cream’. This cream is suitable for you who have a very dry face, because it contains agents to hydrate skin. This cream can moisturize the skin for 26 hours.

Currently Belif can only be found at Sogo Plaza Senayan. Belif future will be present at a beauty shop in various parts of Indonesia.

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