Singer Jordin Sparks Ways To Lose Weight 23 Kg


Singer Jordin Sparks is now more confident after successfully lose weight to 23 kg. What is being done to the winner of American Idol’s body weight can come down a lot?

Featured as the cover of Shape magazine, showing off her new body that Jordin sexy in her bikini in the magazine, she also shared the story of her struggle to lose weight since 2007.

22 year-old woman said the biggest motivation to lose weight is because they want healthy. Jordin said she’s been so easily hurt because of an unhealthy lifestyle. “I rarely exercise and my diet is very messy.

Jordin’s first step to improve her lifestyle is to stop eating unhealthy foods such as sodas and sweets, and eating too late at the hotel room. Singer of ‘No Air’ is replace by eating food such as turkey menu is only part of her chest and a boiled carrot.

For controlling meal portions, she also chose to eat at a medium sized plate. The last way she did in the diet is not eating at least two hours before bedtime.

To perform the various steps in the diet recognized Jordin is not easy. She also combines healthy eating with exercise.

I started gradually,” said the woman who started exercising in a way her way around the complex. “No longer I can live a more difficult stage and go climb a nearby mountain.

Exercise has been done is apparently still not enough by Jordin. Owner of the album ‘Battlefield’ was also signed up to undergo a fitness center and strengthening exercises as well as Zumba classes.

My weight began to fall. That’s incredible,” said Jordin is in 2011 and also was showing off her sexy body on Twitter after managed to lose 13.6 kg.


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