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Simple Wedding Gown! Kim Kardashian Want to Marry Simple Island

After the super luxurious marriage ended in just 72 days, Kim Kardashian seems to give up to hold a similar event. When married again later, Kim simply wanted to do it on an island.Simple Wedding Gown! Kim Kardashian Want to Marry Simple Island

In an interview with the British edition of Tatler magazine for November 2012 edition, socialite 31 years it did not deny that the first marriage was a main super luxury dream. Kim also admitted that the marriage was made plush, if they wish not only for the sake of reality show that starred.

But for the future, I want to do it on an island only attended by family and my friends, that’s it,” she told Us Weekly.

In an interview with Tatler, Kim posing with wedding dress also denied that her marriage to Kris Humphries used only for the sake of popularity. She was not thought to be married for the sake of ratings.

It was not me. Anyone who wants to marry for the sake of ratings? Nor because the ratings dropped and we need to raise it,” she said For Kim’s failed marriage with Kris Humphries’s embarrassment. It also risks’ damaging my career, added the woman’s curvy bodied.

Now Kim is still struggling with her divorce from Kris that has not been authorized. Even so she was able to move on and build a new love with rapper Kanye West for the past six months. Kanye made him very happy. “I can not think with other people than with my boyfriend right now,” se said.

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