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Priscilla Chan beautiful woman ogled new media when she won the hearts of Mark Zuckerberg who is the owner of Facebook. Even more so when they get married, everyone would agree that the figure of Priscilla Chan is a simple woman, it can be seen from her wedding dress.

If he wants, Priscilla Chan might actually wear fancy dresses from popular designers, Vera Wang, for example (wedding dress designer who became a Hollywood actress subscription).

In fact, Priscilla Chan does not need a fancy dress while holding her husband, who is one of the richest men in the world. White dress that looks classic and charming. Not a lot of jewelry worn, as well as Priscilla Chan curler, but many women fell in love with an earthy appearance.

Simple Wedding Dress Priscilla Chan More Popular-

Simple Wedding Dress Priscilla Chan More Popular-

Wedding dresses Priscilla Chan More Popular, Simplicity is a special thing, and sometimes we get bored with wedding gowns and fluffy plush pile of expensive jewelry artists in Hollywood marriages. Although simple, the fact remains that gown, Priscilla Chan is predicted to be a wedding dress that will be remembered for many people, keep up with Kate Middleton wedding dress.

Claire Pettibone Wedding Dresses design is starting much imitated; the more women who want to marry a similar dress. The dress, named Sky between the Branches has detailed flowers are cut with a laser. The theme is simple but elegant, feminine and understated. Reported by The Gloss, Claire Pettinbone said that her store turnover up 300% since its design dresses worn by Priscilla Chan A fantastic figure.

There is no simple matter, because simplicity itself is something special.

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This woman is the wife of Mark Zuckerberg is the founder and owner of Facebook. With the success of Facebook, Priscilla Chan could have luxurious life with her husband, but she chose to remain simple and humble woman. This is the story of Simplicity a Priscilla Chan.

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