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Simple Tricks to Make-up For Eid Festival

The face is clean healthy and fresh look should be presented at Eid. Instant way to make the face look beautiful is with make-up application. The following make-up tricks fast and simple that can be applied.

Simple Tricks to Make-up For Eid Festival
Simple Tricks to Make-up For Eid Festival

1. Face Primer

Using the primer is very important before starting the dress. After using a regular moisturizer used daily apply a face primer all over face. Primary function is to shrink the pores thus making the skin look smoother appearance. Primer also makes a perfect foundation can stick to the skin as well as durable.

2. Liquid Foundation

Use a liquid foundation or liquid foundation for the type of make-up is simple. Liquid foundation is also more quickly absorbed in the skin, making the face look more glowy. Pulaskan foundation with the help of a special foundation brush to color the skin evenly.

3. Talc Powder

In order to absorb the oil on your face use a powder. Powder is also thin on the face so you do not face does not look white.

4. Eye Makeup

Gariskanlah thin eyeliner on the eye line slightly at the top and bottom. Then let pastel eye shadow colors like pink, peach, lilac or light brown on the eyelid. If you could set it up use false eyelashes that have hair that is thin and not too long. False eyelashes can make your eyes more sparkle. But if you hassle in installing it just use mascara to the lashes more flicks.

5. Brow

Makeup trend today is a bit thick eyebrows and thick. Bingkailah slightly thicker eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil brown or gray. Then, brush your eyebrows with a brow brush to blend the color.

6. Lipstick

Lipstick pink, peach or chocolate will make your makeup look more natural. So lips look fuller, add lip gloss.

7. Blush On

Last let blush on your lipstick matches the color (pink, peach or chocolate). For a fresh impression you can choose to have blush on the shimmer effect.

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