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Shown Beautiful Day of Kingdom

Preparing for clothes that fit for use. Well, here are some references that are appropriate clothing to be worn at Eid.

Shown Beautiful Day of Kingdom
Shown Beautiful Day of Kingdom


Abayas is a type of clothing that Muslims come from the Middle East region. Clothing is shaped kind of long dress with a loose size and the arm together with the torso.

Clothing Abayas usually have accent embroidery, lace, or bead applications and rock alam.Warna offered also vary from pure white color to the rainbow-colored or floral.

Gamis also has many types such as Moroccan robe, abayas kaftans, abaya style India, modern abayas, and even typical Indonesian batik robe. In addition to the type, the robe also has a wide selection of materials such as t-shirts, rayon, cotton, denim, silk, and batik fabrics.

Gamis is perfect to wear during Lebaran late especially if combined with modern hijab dynamic and elegant.


Tunic Tops typical middle eastern models can now be used as inspiration for this year’s Eid clothes. You can choose sequined tunic tops that seemed luxurious for formal events or short-sleeved tunic while praying ied.

Maxi Dress

Clothing manifold maxi dress comes with a loose piece and length to ankle makes it very fitting to be worn as a dress you Lebaran this year. Overview maxi dress does have a shape similar to the robe. The difference is only in accent and style.

If the robe accented embroidery, lace, beads and applications as well as its shape resembles dresses from the Middle East, the maxi dress more modern textured. Maxi dress is already a trend in the 80s. But now comes back with different designs and more dynamic.

Maxi dress is generally made from denim, rayon, and cotton jersey. For tentulebih varied styles and colors compared with the robe. As for the usage, so you can look elegant, beautiful and Islamic Lebaran moment later, almost the same as how to use the robe.

Only, most of the maxi dress is not made with long sleeves shape. So you need to wear cufflinks to make it suitable and fit to be combined with the application of modern hijab or phasmina.

Harem pants

Middle Eastern-style trousers or harem pants are back in vogue. You can drop the selection on these harem pants if you want to look casual but still stylish at the feast. Feel free also to play or tribal motifs such as floral motifs and use a neutral-colored tops like white, black, or cream so as not to look too much.


Maybe this time for Eid kaftan has begun to shift than the robe. However, the trend has not really ended. Kaftan dress is identical with the impression of loose so as to provide comfort to the wearer to make a fashion typical of the Middle East’s surging demand drastically.

Moreover, recent kaftan fever still sound. No wonder, this beautiful dress is still the belle of the community as Eid clothing choices.

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