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Seasonal Changes In Hair Re-Growth

This is a normal scalp about 100,000 hair follicles of human hair. Each healthy hair re-growth of hair follicles those are capable of innumerable times in her life. Normal hair shedding rate of 50-100 hairs a day but twice as fast in the seasonal changes in hair shedding can be activated.

Seasonal Changes In Hair Re-Growth
Seasonal Changes In Hair Re-Growth

Analysis is still underway to determine the role of changes of hair re growth. According to researchers, the hair continues to grow in the winter to spring and fall during the autumn, an increase of up to 100 hairs a day in the water, In effect, the rate of shedding hair re growth.

Perhaps the hair loss and hair re growth may vary person to person level, Seasonal. Many people tend to have large amounts of hair will be shed but soon restored their hair re growth of hair by means of rapid changes in the growth of the museum.

The reason for seasonal changes in hair re-growth

Due to seasonal changes in hair growth was somewhat ambiguous but some significant information about these events to Infer.
Anaga cause hair shedding phase of the cycle is allowed. In summer, 90% of scalp hair is a phase of Anaga. In September, some of which are (Anaga) stage follicles to grow and become less. Telogen hair ratio was (resting) phase of 10%, an increase of 20 or more compared to the summer.

European researchers have observed in male plasma testosterone fluctuate seasonally. Testosterone in the scalp hair re-growth hormone is an important regulator. Pattern baldness caused by hormonal levels of inequality between women and men. In addition, pattern baldness, hormonal imbalance, hair and scalp of a woman above all the causes thinning.

Therefore, researchers have argued that the seasonal variation in testosterone levels in hair re-growth of inequality is a major cause may be. It is also observed; the diameter of the hair growth remained unaffected during seasonal fluctuations.

Exposure during the day

Experimental studies suggest that reducing exposure to daylight may prevent seasonal hair loss. The minimum level of daily exposure, melatonin-secretion gland to gland and the hormones and their receptors also are important because the hormone receptors on the scalp, hair loss, exposure to the light of day was found to have some role in hair shedding.

Or seasonal variation in shedding of hair that A is a normal process. Time, changes in re growth of hair shedding, or replaced as soon as the season changes. Temporary hair loss is evident in all human beings and not only the effect of scalp hair growth, hair growth, but also the legs, beard, and so on.
Seasonal variation in hair loss from disease, although not a lot of attention, structure and function is connected, only better, to understand hair loss.
Biology: hair follicle, hair re-growth and cause hair loss and try to relate the state of your hair loss, and help you to understand the physiology of your hair care.

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