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Rupert Sanders Affair Kristen Stewart Asked to Stay

Later Kristen Stewart news affair with a married director Rupert Sanders is excited discussion. The latest news mentions wife of Rupert, Ross Liberti asked her husband away from her 22 years.

Although intimate photos of inter- Kristen and Rupert have been scattered but Ross still would accompany her husband. Provided he does not get along anymore with Robert Pattinson’s lover.

(Ross) stated unequivocally that Rupert should not direct sequel to” Snow White and the Huntsman ‘. (Ross) did not want her husband to work with Kristen again, said an insider as quoted by Radar Online.

Kristen¬†has a contractual obligation to star in the sequel of the movie ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’. Most likely Rupert would withdraw from the fairytale-themed film and replaced by another director.

He (Rupert) knows it is not justified and he’ll bite the bullet but he should listen to his wife, said the source.

With the incident the Kristen must have felt depressed. In addition to destroying homes and one’s career she helped bear the burden of her actions. Now the rumored boyfriend Robert Pattinson away from it and has told the Kristen out of his house.