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Romantic Red Lips Gwen Stefani

Red lipstick worn by Gwen Stefani is famous for its near perfect. Basically red is the color that makes the wearer look different and the red lipstick is the exact item that all eyes are on you.Romantic Red Lips Gwen Stefani

All you need is a solid red lipstick. No additional purplish blue that causes red or orange can create additional red to peach and gradation.
The first step uses a lip balm to prevent the adverse effects of the content of lipstick that you have. Do not use too thick because it will be difficult to bring up the color of your lipstick. Just use the tip of the little finger and lip balm to smooth the entire surface of the lip. After that the line shape using a lip pencil lip color nude.

Begin to “draw” your lips with a lipstick brush. Why should wear lipstick brush? Because the colors are applied in the brush you can set the thickness. You can also highlight color with a lipstick brush.

Follow the lip line that has been described earlier. Then blend the whole lip. When you have evenly take a piece of tissue and tissue above Grit lip color that is more diffuse as well as to keep the lipstick to last longer.

The results were amazing. Gwen Stefani lip color is beautiful as you get. Pair with a simple eye makeup to accentuate the character of Gwen-style lip that you just created. This application is perfect for a party at night. Good luck!

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