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Robert-Scramble Christian Right Dog Care

Emerging new issues of relationships Robert Pattinson is overwritten infidelity problems. Both are now fighting over custody of a dog Bear.

Robert Christian and adopted a dog named Bear. But because Christians affair with director Rupert Sanders Robert was running away from home and close access to Bear Christian.

When Rob moved his belongings from an apartment in Los Angeles he later told Christian he wanted to Bear, said a friend of Robert as quoted by Femalefirst.

Robert was heartbroken but they adopted the Bear together and he always felt that Bear was still their little baby.”

But Rob was so hurt by the actions of Christians he decided that he wanted the dog to help him get over what happened. After all dogs are man’s best friend and Bear is a good companion, continued the source.

But Christians will not give in to meet with Bear. He wants joint custody and it can make the relationship a little messy, beber the source.

Before news of the Christian affair was revealed the couple had been planning to adopt a second puppy.

Robert and Kristen look at the possibility of adopting another dog. They were desperate to find a friend to play for the Bear, he said.