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Rihanna Scared I Fall In Love Again Chris Brown

Lately, Rihanna’s fans made stifling proximity to the mound Chris Brown. Now, 24 years old singer was finally revealing what is in her heart.

As quoted from Aceshowbiz, singer song We Found Love that her love for Chris was very deep. The story of her love for Chris was given a new color in her life.

“When I fall in love, the way I feel so strong. I really feel the love. Anyway, I find really valuable. And in a blink your eyes, my life changed. All I know is very different,” says Rihanna.

However, what is experienced after that really makes it hit. Chris violence done to end their relationship has made Rihanna afraid to fall in love again.

I never count will feel the pain in my life. I am afraid to taste again,” she continues.

This statement may be some relief to fans. But the fact is the original singer of this Barbados as I can not too long away from the former lover. What a moment will come back? I do not know?