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Revealed Few Month Ago! Zahida Rafik Defended The Minister!

KUALA LUMPUR, 18 April: Steering a private actor, Zahida Rafik expose the scandal of the Minister Ministry of Rural and Regional Development Minister Datuk Shafie in a police report on March 13.

Noor Azman Azemi, 38, who works as a personal driver Zahida Rafik the last three years revealed the scandal in a police report against Zahida who throws money away RM200, 00  owned Zahida.

Noor Azman Zahida charges against a newspaper that had reported on March 3 last.

Recalling the report, Noor Azman said, while he was at his home in Flat PKNS Ampang, she came (not specified date), several people, including two men who introduced themselves as police officers named Hafiz and Raj.

“I asked Datuk Shafie Apdhal to work as a personal driver to Zahida to ensure Zahida movements can be monitored. Datuk Shafie and Zahida have intimate relations with each other.

“I am of the belief that reliable. However, I asked the Commissioner to report to the Commissioner Zahida all measures.

“The Commissioner will meet with Zahida (I will be driving and drivers deal with Datuk Shafie) in secret in any hotel around Kuala Lumpur each week. At each meeting the Commissioner will hand over between RM100, 000 to RM200, 000.

“Cash is finally taken to the bank by me and Zahida for inclusion in the Maybank Tower Socso Zahida in Jalan Ampang.

“On February 29, 2012, I was not given any money in cash and normally I have never given the large amount of cash deposited in a bank without the company of Zahida.

“I just paid an amount of RM25, 693 for installment payment of two luxury cars and a bungalow in Bukit Indah owned by Zahida,” he was quoted in police reports disclosed by the Member of Parliament for Ampang, Zuraida Kamaruddin at the Parliament lobby today.

Zuraida went on to say, based on investigations that do there are some transactions that do minister to Zahida between October 2011 to January 2012.

“In October 2011 alone there were two transactions of RM36, 000 and RM26, 000. This means the month of RM58, 000 cash taken Noor Azman to be included in the accounts Zahida Rafik.


“In November 2011 there was RM118, 000 and in December there was RM333, 000. In January 2012 RM510, 000. If I sum it all about RM1.4 million in four months the minister gave cash to Zahida Rafik, “he said.

In addition, Zuraida disclose Zahida has a luxury car of the BMW 6 Series, Porshe, Toyota Harrier,and also houses worth RM2.9 million.


Zuraida then questioned how the minister of the cash obtained. “As a minister he was responsible to the people of Malaysia to explain where the money resources available to be given to Zahida,” he said.

On 3 March, the newspaper reported actress Zahida Rafik loss of RM200, 000 run driver after ordered to insert the money into his bank account.

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