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Rare incidence of Prince William & Kate Middleton in Public

During the 2012 Olympics held in London, England, William and Kate are often found to support the England national team. The pair married in 2011 and was invited as the guest of honor by the organizers. Both also come from supporting the England football team against Senegal or when with Prince Harry to support British rowing team.

Rare incidence of Prince William & Kate Middleton in Public

Rare incidence of Prince William & Kate Middleton in Public

Back support provided by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge when Andy Murray’s match against Spaniard Nicolas Almagro on Thursday (08/02/2012). Watching a tennis match, Kate appear attractive to dress casual but still feminine colored electric blue Stella McCartney designs. Previously the dress once worn when attending the opening of the exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery a few weeks ago. The dress was never it’s combined with a gold necklace worth 49 000 pounds equivalent to USD 686 million. Prince William looks casual with no tie coat used.

As quoted by the Daily Mail throughout the game, William and Kate unrelenting support for the Murray. Both do not hesitate to express the joy and encouragement such as lifting both hands up. Finally the match was won by Briton.

After watching tennis, William and Kate headed straight Veledrome, site of the British cycling team game that broke the record in qualification. No doubt Kate and William profit as VIP guests to use the 2012 Olympics because they no longer look the same with clothes.

This time William and Kate had changed into more casual clothes and sporty. Kate was seen wearing white polo skirts while William chose navy blue. Not long after it seemed that Prince Harry to join them by using the same t-shirt.

Duke and Duchess are looked relaxed as they chatted and joked with each other. They also seemed keen to take part to make ‘Mexican Wave’ along with other spectators who meet the stands. Do not stop there, the couple are not blessed with a baby is also expressed their happiness with their body language that is rarely performed in public. When the British cycling team won the race Kate and William intimate embrace.

Both do not hesitate to hug each other in front of other spectators. Kate looks clung hand to William neck. While the prince was holding her hips. Smiling together they were very cordial.