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Rain Prince Harry Getting Up Pedicab

Maybe the train is not an unusual means of transportation for the British royal family. But Prince Harry ride vehicle that is clearly an exception.

As reported by the Dailymail brother Prince William looks a walk around London with a rickshaw on Friday (13/7) night. Although the condition of the vehicle is not as fancy carriage, but Harry did not hesitate to enjoy the journey.

In the narrow rickshaw Harry seemed to share a seat with three people. Although it rains the city that night but Harry did not reveal the discomfort
Of course the Prince was closely guarded by those around him. In addition to the two people who crammed into a rickshaw he also escorted by bodyguards other ordinary bike ride.Rain Prince Harry Getting Up Pedicab

Harry’s decision to get around town by rickshaw was apparently struck by a sudden. Harry who was just eating with his friends arriving wave and ride a tricycle without a doubt.