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Quick Tricks For Oily Hair After Shampooing

Oily Hair After Shampooing have greasy hair condition, but just yesterday or even a few hours before shampooing. You must be a ‘bad hair day’ which could also affect the mood and lack of confidence because of the condition of the hair is not beautiful.

Oily Hair After Shampooing
Quick Tricks For Oily Hair After Shampooing

Do not worry; there are special tricks for dealing with such limp hair easily. Reported by wikiHow, here’s how!

1. Wash Hair in Routine, But Not Every Day

Wash your hair every day can lead to oil up faster. It’s good; you wash your hair every two or three times a day. In addition, note the use of shampoo. Use a shampoo that suits your hair type.

2. Be careful with Conditioner

One can apply the conditioner to make hair oily faster. Use conditioner only on the middle to the hair shaft only. Avoid using a conditioner on the hair roots.

3. Start with warm water, rinse with cold water

Do not use hot water as long as you wash it. Warm water can stimulate the oil out. You should wash your hair with warm water, to oil and dirt out of the scalp. Then put shampoo and rinse with cold water. Cold water will close the pores again and the natural oils ‘locked’ in there.

4. Never Too Often Combing Hair & Hold

Comb your hair when the hair is tangled, do not comb my hair constantly. That’s because it can stimulate the oil glands and increase oil production on the scalp, similarly, holding the hair that can make a quick hair dirty and greasy.

5. Do not Often Nge-blow & Vise

Avoid hair styling tool containing a heater such as using a hair dryer and a vise. Heater can produce hair oils.

6. Use Dry Shampoo or Powder Foundation

If the hair is already oily, dry shampoo spray, Dry shampoo is a dry shampoo that does not need to be rinsed, Texture such as talc powder. Therefore, the dry shampoo can be replaced with talc powder.

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