Prevent The Emergence Of Gray Hair at Young Age


The age factor is not the only cause of hair graying. Stress, damage to the hair, and an unhealthy diet can affect the health of hair.

Not infrequently, women are still quite young her hair was gray. To prevent this, consider the following tips.

1. Prevent Stress
Stress triggers the onset of gray hair on the hair. To prevent stress, calm you with relaxation such as yoga, do a fun activity or a warm bath.

2. Stop Smoking
Smoking has been shown to lead to premature aging of the hair, including hair graying so much faster. By quitting smoking, then the blood circulation will be more smoothly which also affects the overall health of hair.

3. Reduce the Specific Food
Caffeine, alcohol, spicy and acidic foods can make the scalp dry. When the hair and scalp moisture it can not arise gray.

4. Foods that Contain Copper
Sometimes gray hairs arise due to the lack of copper in the body. You can get copper from foods such as radish, sweet potatoes, spinach, meat solar pineapples, pomegranates and almonds.

5. Eating Containing B12
Foods that contain B12 deficiency can lead to gray hair in the hair. For that you have to eat foods that contain B12 as eggs, crab, salmon, fish and liver.


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