Peep The Beauty Queen of Jewelry Collection


Decades crowned as Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth II makes sure to have a huge collection of jewelry.

As reported by Dailymail among the collection of jewelry that is quite often wears a set of jewelry is called “Girls of Great Britain & Coronation Tiara”. Lightweight and easy to wearthe Queen calls this diamond studded tiara as “Granny’s Tiara”.

Initially this tiara was a wedding gift to Princess May of Teck Queen Mary alias of “Girls of Great Britain and Ireland” in 1893. Then she gave it to (then) Princess Elizabeth as a wedding gift as well

Peep The Beauty Queen of Jewelry Collection

Original pearl tiara is made of a circular at the top and bottom. But in 1920 it was replaced with a diamond pearl. When her coronation in 1953, the Queen wore this tiara was replaced with at least 25 large diamonds and pendants 22:48 rust. Making Wah! With a matching pair of earrings and necklaces beautiful luxury made in 1858.

Along the way this jewelry set also has a number of unloading pairs and various updates that add luxury.

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