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Paris Jackson To Make Her father Tattoos

Paris Jackson wanted to make a tattoo to commemorate the deceased her father, Michael Jackson. Paris wants to make the birth of Michael’s tattoo on her back.

Tattoo is scheduled to read Michael’s birth date, ie August 29, 1958. Tattoo it would be Paris on her back and read Roman numerals.

I want to get a tattoo in August XXIX debugging, Paris wrote in Twitter as quoted by Femalefirst.

But Twitter Paris addressed by a variety of followers. Most of them do not agree to make a tattoo because Paris is still a very young age 14 years.

But this opinion was ignored Paris. She even told her followers that they do not understand what was planned.

You try to tell me to not put tattoo but you do not know what it means to tattoo it. It was the birthday of my father and it means more than that, wrote the Paris again.