New York fashion week Spring / Summer 2013 World Top Model Fior...

New York fashion week Spring / Summer 2013 World Top Model Fior Mendez

New York fashion week Spring / Summer 2013, which centered on the Lincoln Center, New York designers gathered up top model world. They eagerly watched the latest collections of designers show in New York.New York fashion week Spring Summer 2013 World Top Model Fior Mendez

Among the names of the senior models, mencuatlah name a few young top model potential, one of them Fior Mendez 22 years old from the Dominican Republic. She had just moved to New York two months ago and instantly gets a lot of prestigious jobs, one of which displays Nzinga Knight.

Who knew that behind her success as a new model, there is a fairly deep suffering. All started from her mother who left him at the Orphanage Orfanato Ninos de Cristo in the city of La Romana, Dominican Republic. At that time she was 13 years old and it was her mother because of limited funds.

In Latin America, orphaned children often fall into prostitution rings to free themselves from poverty But lucky for Fior who receive computer training from The Orphaned Starfish Foundation at the orphanage.

Unfortunately, she was fairly old to be deposited in an orphanage and she had expelled. Once again the good fortune to follow Fior, where Sonia Hane, co-founder of the organization asked her to go to New York to continue her studies.

From this offer to be a model in New York kept coming. Any casting that she came running smooth and she gets the job she dreamed of modeling. Since childhood, when she was watching TV about modeling, she aspires to be a model and now her dream is achieved.

With height 178 cm, she has become an inspiration for many girls who want merngubah fate. As quoted from Dailymail, she wanted to get revenge thanks to Sonia Hane. Because of Sonia, she had the opportunity to get to know Prince Riley, founder of Signature Model Agency, which supported a successful model.