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Natural Shades Biyan Androgyny Clothing Collection

Has become an annual ritual for Indonesian famous designers Biyan Wanaatmadja to always show off newest work. This time he presents a range of natural shades androginy style dress with lush foliage and flowers mekaran

Located at the Hotel Mulia a designer born October 20, 1954 was presented the main lines ‘Biyan’ and the theme is ‘Foliage’. For Biyan, theme depicts the life that continues to grow and develop.

For me Foliage, interpreted as a set of leaves represents life and it’s growth. Story about life with the growth and development. I translate (the theme) to the concept (of clothing) laid back, comfortable, pretty but not overwhelming. Basic but could combined match each. And you can wear it day and night. ” Biyan said during a press conference on Wednesday (06/06/2012).

Biyan natural theme applied to the various leaf motifs, geometric flowers, and butterflies reminiscent of green Conservatorium. Biyan using solid-match concept which emphasizes the alignment between the top with a piece slim down the volume or otherwise boxy jacket combined with a wide skirt. It was intended to show the feminine side of the real woman along with the masculine side.

In matters of material the designer who had done studies on the mode private Modeschule Muller & Sohn, Germany using materials such as French lace satin organza, woven raffia, taffeta, shantung, silk and comfortable material such as cotton. As for the color Biyan provide an option which is quite different. Biyan typical colors ranging from soft like the old pale rose smoke gray, celadon, creme to dark colors like navy blue, gray and black.

For the sake of stating a glamorous feminine look, Biyan not forget to give a touch of detail beadworks. But this time the details appear to be different with 3D applique techniques, geometric, sales, flower bouquet and petals. Almost all rocks are used Biyan using Swarovski crystals.

What we choose must be always a difference should be able to translate it into kestuan Swarovski in a fashion design product. This time my lot to choose colors according to the theme the color of the plant itself either in nature or color of flora, lid Biyan .

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