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How To Get Beautiful Makeup on Natural Makeup Tips Step By Step

There are many ways to look beautiful without having to wear excessive make-up. Beautiful by applying natural makeup is also the appropriate steps to be beautiful.

How To Get Beautiful Makeup on Natural Makeup Tips Step By Step

How to apply natural makeup for your face? As for some tips to get make up in accordance with the natural color of our skin type natural makeup tips.

Brown skin color

women’s skin is synonymous with brown skin color. The majority of women in trouble when they will make up by applying natural makeup.natural makeup tips.

For brown skin color is actually quite easy to apply natural makeup to look pretty natural.

Use foundation the same color as the color of skin or foundation can be blended with a brighter-colored powder to the skin look tan.natural makeup tips.

Then apply powder with a brighter color to the skin look brighter.
Should wear lipstick shades of brown or pink with a sweep of blush-colored young brown.natural makeup tips.

Olive skin color

Women with olivaceous skin could use a foundation that is yellow or a little brighter. For the use of powder foundation and make up almost the same as the naturalist for brown skin.

The difference is only in the decorative eye color and blush. Use a pink blush and lipstick also use the color brown or pink.

Dark brown skin color

For women who have dark brown skin color avoid the use of a colored foundation younger because it would make skin becomes dull. Choose a foundation color with a color similar to skin color is dark brown.

Use color to decorate young eye color and give a little shimmer to make it more interesting. For lipstick you should use the orange to make it look more natural and beautiful.

But before make up we should follow these instructions:

  • • Clean the skin with cleanser and apply moisturizer to keep skin humidity
  • • For those who were white use white cream base to skin looks fresh
  • • The new then we apply foundation with a color that matches the color of our skin
  • • If you have acne or dark spots, should we give the counselor at the black spots is acne or acne and black spots that are masked
  • • Use the same color as the foundation powder
  • • To blush blush colors match the color of our skin, as already mentioned above
  • • The shape eyebrows using an eyebrow pencil and use the help of eye liner in black or brown to sharpen the eye
  • • If you have eyelashes are sparse, we can affirm our eyelashes with mascara
  • • For the lips, before using lipstick, use a lip pencil with the older color to form our lips to look sexier. Then use a new lipstick color that suits your face makeup.

With proper selection of colors such as foundation, lipstick, blusher that matches the color of our skin, will make makeup / make-up we look more natural.

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