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Natalie Portman Romantic Wedding Photos

Natalie Portman and closed held a romantic wedding in a beautiful place in Big Sur, Los Angeles, Saturday (4/8) night. The party was attended by only 60 guests invited approximately.

Natalie looked elegant wearing a white dress that is simple yet elegant. Natalie could not stop smiling after undergoing the Jewish wedding ceremony. Happy smile tugging at her lips, she did not stop dancing with her husband, Benjamin Millepied.

Her dress was amazing, not too flashy or excessive. Put on She’s very pretty dress, she always has a hippie theme, whatever she does,” said one of the invited guests, as quoted Dailymail.

Marriage ceremony performed by Jews to take place after sunset and only attended by 60 invited guests consisting of family and close friends.

Among the invited guests, see Diane Sawyer and husband Mike Nichols, Ivanka Trump, Macaulay Culkin and Rashida Jones.

Although only 60 invited guests attended, but the wedding party lively and intimate from a guest DJ playing music to say at 2:30 in the morning.

Natalie looked so happy and glowing. Beautiful day for him and Benjamin to celebrate with the people closest to them,” said the source.

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