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Muslim Clothing Trends In 2013

The Muslim fashion designers continue to compete creates their best work, Designers to innovate in order to follow a growing trend. How Muslim fashion trends in the coming year?Muslim Clothing Trends In 2013

Ernie Kosasih designer who is one member of the Association of Indonesian Fashion Designers of West Java (IPBM Jabar), said Muslim fashion trends 2013 more to play with colors but still look elegant. “(Trends 2013) full color so that the colors but elegant as I’ll show the full color but still graceful, said Ernie who has 22 years as a fashion designer Muslim Indonesia, The design featuring the latest fashions for 2013 in the Muslim fashion show at The Trans IPBM Jabar Luxury Hotel, London recently.

Other designers who are also members of IPBM, Toera Imara said, the development of Muslim fashion trends next year based on the development of the concept of ‘virtual deluxe’ in the sense of seeking a balance between luxury living everyday clothing as well as the work of a simple but elegant. This concept is embodied in the ready to wear Muslim clothing with bright colors and solid. Almost no pastel colors in the Muslim fashion collection 2013.

The development of color (like) brown, gold, to bright colors almost no pastel colors, strong colors more solid.Muslim Clothing Trends In 2013

Solid colors are taken from the color of nature such as red, dark blue, tosca, bronze, and green. Iva Latifah designer and Chairman IPBM Jabar add colors that dominate the Muslim fashion in 2013 is bright colors like orange.

It was more to the bright yes more to the bright orange so, said Iva while talking in Boardroom the Trans Luxury Hotel.

In the fashion show that was held to mark the anniversary of the Indonesian Fashion Designers Association of West Java (IPBM Jabar) to-16, Iva theme of ‘A Wonderful Obsession’ which is inspired by the beauty of kebaya Indonesia? He presents various Moslem feminine and colorful. chose to use lace for his latest work in 2013.

Besides Iva, designer Ahmad Zaki for 2013 spectators greeted positively IPBM fashion show. Cutting game displayed on the clothing to create a collection Zaki looked different. It uses material silk satin, silk organdy and silk tafetta. Bright colors still adorn the collection, such as red, dark blue, tosca, and bronze.

What also seems evident from IPBM Muslim fashion show for 2013 is its own fashion line. Pieces H Line and A Line dominated the entire work of designers because it is still loved by the audience and the users of Muslim fashion.

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