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Most Popular Mix & Match Fashion Clothing

In addition to news sites, blogs are an alternative means of finding information that can be obtained via the Internet.

Writing style and how to speak the word that is more relaxed, and the delivery of a more liberal opinion blog makes an ideal choice for the search for references and reviews of various things.

From a survey conducted etcfahionblog through social networks Twitter, countless fashion blogs are most popular. Of the 126 respondents, 38 percent said they most like to read fashion blogs.

Like it wrote to see a lot less clothes worn now, and also to broaden the horizon mix & match clothes,” said one respondent in his twitter account.

Beauty blog ranks second as the most popular. As many as 26 percent of respondents claimed to love reading beauty tips and a few reasons for wanting to become more girly or feminine.

Blog culinary favored by 16 percent of respondents, and there are 8 percent of people who like the health care blog. Meanwhile, 12 percent of respondents liked the blog that contains comics, fiction, unique news, history and photography.

What about you, what topics are most preferred in a blog?


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