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Most Good Food Consumed At Breakfast

Start the day with breakfast is very important for health and for those who want to lose weight. In the morning people need food for the body to function properly. In addition to breakfast, lunch desire large portions can be reduced.

Most Good Food Consumed At Breakfast
Most Good Food Consumed At Breakfast

Breakfast is important but what you eat for breakfast is not less important. Most people like to scoop up and put everything into his mouth at breakfast on the grounds of the limited time to prepare food. But often eaten foods are high in carbohydrates, sugar and at the same time is also low-fat protein (such as sugar-coated cereals, white bread butter content of chocolate).

As is known sugar raise blood sugar too quickly, but quickly dropped. As a result, the body is limp so fast and easy so hungry that the desire to eat excessively when the lunch hour. So is the simple carbohydrates like white rice or bread uduk, will raise blood sugar quickly and give effect to serotonin (happy hormone) so that the desire to eat will continue to appear and reappear.

Starting the day with a healthy nutritious breakfast will encourage you to eat healthy foods as well as lunch and dinner. You can also send messages to the body that you would do in any way to stay fit and healthy.

Nutrition consultant Dr. Mark Roussell, PhD, as quoted by Shape said, “The similarity of the characteristics of most of the people slim healthy people I know and waveguides (nutritional intake) they all eat a healthy breakfast.”

Therefore, choose a breakfast of low-sugar high fiber and a little experience processing (avoid nuggets, sausages, frozen French fries, fried foods) to the stomach feel full longer and the desire to eat were stuck up before lunch. Can be a healthy breakfast of fresh yoghurt with fresh berries, whole wheat bread with lettuce and stuffing tuna or eggs oatmeal (make sure derived from whole wheat) or a salad with a dressing of olive oil and a little sprinkling of salt and pepper.

In addition to healthy carbs, increase protein intake. Breakfast with high protein diet is a key strategy in maintaining weight loss and helps burn calories by muscles. A study found that breakfast is the only meal of the day which increases the ability of proteins to induce satiety and full for longer.

Make sure your breakfast is rich in healthy protein such as boiled eggs, yogurt, salmon, pure peanut butter (no added sugar, salt or flavor enhancers) or protein shakes to boost metabolism and maintaining ideal body weight remained.

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