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More Sexy Smokey Eyes With Kim kardaishan

Choosing a natural color when using make-up, has been a mainstay of women generally. But you know make up a sweep of the more daring in addition to making the face look different it also can change a person’s mood?

More Sexy Smokey Eyes With Kim kardaishan
More Sexy Smokey Eyes With Kim kardaishan

Nothing wrong with the occasional upgrade her style of your makeup. No need is too extreme try smokey eyes style.

Were in the eye smokey eyes styles were considered to accentuate the sharpness of the eyes and make it look more sssexy.
It’s easy make sure you prepare concelear cream eyeliner pencil in black or gray powder shadow color dark brown gray and dark green and light-colored eyeshadow such as natural ivory. Prepare also eyelash curler, black mascara and black eye pencil.

Start by applying concelear the eyelid as a base that also serves to soften the look of eyeshadow. A line eye with eyeliner pencil from the inside out at the top and bottom of the eye.

Combine three-color powder shadow and brush on the lids and the crease of the eye outward. Do not forget to place a light color eyeshadow eye on the bone to reinforce the view.

Lentikkan eyelashes with tweezers or add extra then layered false eyelashes with mascara to make it look thicker and tapering. Finally the shape of the eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil for the eyes dark and smokey look more firm.

Wrap! The celebrity Holyywood also fond of makeup smokey eyes one of which Kim Kardashian, who often ran a smokey makeup on her beautiful face.

Attracted to the smokey water-ria? Certainly will be more easy if you try it a few times.

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